Booking meals online

If you are the manager of a restaurant or a canteen, be it of a company or a school, you will understand how valuable a system for meal reservation could be. TCPOS Web Meal Reservation is the ideal tool for the hospitality sector. It allows you to manage the booking of meals online, giving your customers the opportunity to choose the menus available on your website, reserving their orders with one click.

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Choose your menu
TCPOS enables you to upload the planned menus for the whole week. Your registered customer selects his favourite menu from a list available on your web site, directly from his computer or mobile device, indicating the day and where he will consume his meal.
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Smart and convenient stock organization
Ensuring the best service for your guests and improving your staff organization are crucial aspects of your business. With Web Meal Reservation, you can plan meals in advance, drastically reducing dining hall organization time, managing stocks of supplies more efficiently, and thus reducing costs due to ordering excess stock.
A faster and better service
In corporate and school canteens, charges may be automatically applied to the customer’s account, avoiding queues at the till, speeding up the service and reinforcing guest satisfaction.
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Protected data and safe information
At any moment of the day, your customer can access his account online and manage data and orders using a secure system, where each transaction is fully protected.


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Orders via the web

Your customers can book meals online from their laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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Reduce losses

The restaurateur can plan the preparation in advance, granting a more precise stock management and thus reducing costs due to excessive orders.

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Staff efficiency

Arrange in advance the management of seats and personnel to eliminate delays and queues.

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Data security

With TCPOS, the data of your customers is safe during all online transactions.

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