Voucher management for all tastes

Vouchers are an effective marketing tool that enable your shop or your restaurant to establish customer relations and to gain new customers by retaining them with more convenient offers. With TCPOS, you can add vouchers to your promotional campaigns by increasing the interest of your customer and their loyalty. Vouchers can either be purchased in pre-printed form or can be sold after printing them at the checkout.

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For everyone in the family
Regularly invite your customers to your store or restaurant by launching new initiatives. With TCPOS you can suggest they give the gift-card to their relatives, or give them a prize offering discounts and gifts.
Validity check in real time
When the customer collects the voucher, the serial number is stored in a special list to be recognized both by the system and the individual tills. All terminals are constantly updated through the peer-to-peer connection, which means that the validity of the voucher can be controlled in real-time, even when in offline mode and the central database is not available. The use of a unique serial number prevents the same voucher being used twice.
Customized conditions for refunds and replacements
In the case of payments with vouchers of a value greater than the one of the transaction, a refund will be granted. Instead of providing the change in cash, the till prints a voucher that the customer may use with their next purchases. All vouchers, including refunds, have an expiry date. The system allows you to extend their validity for a limited period.
Refunds definable by operators
You can set a minimum refund threshold, under which the new voucher will not be printed. In addition, you can also define the maximum refundable value.


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Reach and retain new customers with new offers.

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The barcode printed on the voucher shows your company information, the value and expiration date.

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Each voucher is identified by a serial number, which prevents reuse.

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Offline mode

The system and the tills communicate via peer-to-peer networking, ensuring the proper management of vouchers even without a network connection.

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