Seamless integration for immediate revenue

In railway stations, airports, hospitals, and schools, vending machines are a valid alternative to the classic POS. They offer a wide selection of products that can be purchased quickly, using different methods of payment. Thanks to its proven system flexibility, TCPOS easily integrates with the most common management applications for vending machines and provides a simple and intuitive graphical user interface, useful to speed up sales processes.

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The faster and most practical choice for your customer
Wherever the vending machine is placed, and whatever the product sold, TCPOS helps you reduce the queue at the till to speed up the sales processes of drinks, snacks or accessories that do not require the direct assistance of your staff. Consider for example a train station or an airport, where the passenger chooses the desired product by typing a code, then decides whether to pay in cash or by credit card.
Compatible with card payments
In the case of large companies, hospitals and hotels, you can place vending machines on every floor by connecting them to the network of your company. Users will be able to pay using their top-up customer cards or transmit transaction information to their account, which will be paid monthly or when they check out.
Effective interactivity
TCPOS solutions allow optimization of all the key functions of your business. By communicating in real time with TCPOS, the vending machine can receive directly from the database all the information on the prices of the articles and the balance of customer cards. It can transmit all sales data to the TCPOS system and communicate over the network with the other cash registers. This will allow you to transfer and interrogate the balance of customer cards in real time.
Integration of data collection
In the presence of single distributors, or in the absence of a direct connection to the network, transaction data is periodically transmitted to the TCPOS database and stored manually using a portable device.


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An intuitive user interface and clearly presented instructions simplify the purchase of products.

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Compatibility and quality

TCPOS can be interfaced with the most popular brands of vending machines.

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The vending machine is considered as a full cash register.

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All types of payment are accepted including cash, cards and tokens.

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