TipTop - Cashless payments on mobile

Pay, order and collect points on your mobile.

TCPOS TipTop is the ideal mobile companion to assist guests with ordering and paying for their meal. Whether it be from home to restaurant or from the desk to staff canteen, TipTop accompanies and rewards guests throughout the customer journey. TipTop integrates cashless payment functions for the mobile device, reducing the costs of cash handling and ensuring transaction traceability for your customers.

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Add funds to your cashless account
Our clients tell us that the average person spends only 17 minutes on their lunchtime break, so it is important to deliver a fast and efficient experience. TipTop is a convenient and speedy method of topping-up with a credit/debit card, giving users the flexibility to manage their cashless account on the go.
TipTop, POS, Point of sale, point-of-sale, omnichannel, cashless payment,
Ditch the cards and pay on Mobile
TipTop is the easy and convenient way to pay for customers. There is no need to go and pick up that forgotten wallet or ID card, just open the App and pay. Customers can even select how to pay, either using their cashless account or with Credit/Debit card by entering their details into the secure payment gateway. On arrival at the Point-of-Sale, payments are processed in milliseconds by scanning the uniquely generated QR code on the App.
Order and pick-up on the move
Create flexible menus and allow customers to order and pay for items using TipTop, creating a fantastic and convenient experience that encourages customers to stay on site at mealtimes. The Ordering feature also improves operational efficiency as each order is sent to the catering team, allowing them to plan and prepare meals in advance. Orders could be sent to our Click & Collect POS and displayed to catering staff on a kitchen monitor to prepare.
Collect and redeem points on Mobile
Virtual loyalty points can be collected using TipTop, with easy-to-configure promotions pushed straight to customers. Simple meal deals, “buy 9 coffees get your 10th free” or point collections can be managed by Mobile. Users can keep an eye on their reward progress with visual tracking and the Loyalty feature is a fantastic way of pushing targeted promotions to customers, on demand.


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Return of investment

It is proven that satisfied guests will spend more, and they just love using the app!

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Customer retention functions such as vouchers, gift and loyalty cards are integrated into the app.

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It is a great touch point with customers and ensures the payment solution feels like home, encouraging higher use of the facilities on site.

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The application is simple to use, powerful, fast and versatile.

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