Complete management of the table service

Do you need to improve the organization of your restaurant and speed up table service? Do you want to offer your guests a more inviting menu and reduce waiting times? TCPOS is an innovative tool that you can use to manage tables, menus, and accounts, whether you operate a gourmet restaurant or a popular restaurant chain. Make your customers happy to return again by optimizing every aspect of your business.

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Graphical control of your restaurant
You can view the status of your complete restaurant on the touchscreen of the cash registers. You see dining rooms, tables and shops, faithfully reproduced on a map, which will help you to better organize and speed up the service. This view allows you to immediately check the attendance at tables, along with information on the related accounts, which includes the number of guests, current subtotal, and the ID of the waiter who is serving at the table.
Quick and precise table service
Before a table occupied by guests is neglected by waiters, its icon will automatically change color, alerting your staff, allowing you to provide customers with the right attention.
Suspension of transactions
When you enter the order into the register you can match the transaction to the table account, simply by selecting it from the graphical room plan on the register. Items sold are related to the table account and the transaction can be temporarily “suspended “until they are closed. During the suspension, you can add or edit articles as necessary. All transactions can be edited and updated until the service at the table is complete.
Seasonal and “a la carte”: smart menu management
The menu management allows you to group the dishes offered into lists. For example, in a menu organized by seasonal articles or an “a la carte” menu. In quick-service restaurants, you can set a menu consisting of the combination of several articles (e.g. sandwich+french fries+drink).
Advanced menu management functions
You can also split a menu into single sales items. For each item in the menu, it is possible to directly enter its selling price, or tell the program to automatically find it through the relative price level. You can limit the sale of the menu to a specific time and/or day of the week; moreover, you can change the quantity of items belonging to a menu until the transaction is in progress.


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Thanks to the exact overview of the tables, you can manage tables on the touchscreen - including their composition and status.

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Customizable menus

Simple yet advanced menu management, either seasonal, “à la carte” or personalized.

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Multiple bills

The account can be paid individually by all guests, or divided into equal parts with different bills.

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If your client decides to change their table because they met a friend, their bill can be easily reassigned.

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