Value added to the till

Attract an increasingly wide audience by offering discounts and benefits - to customers loyal to your store or to regular guests of your restaurant. With TCPOS Subsidy, you can define special sale conditions for customers, user categories, and companies, offering different benefits every day.

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Different customized subsidies
Thanks to the TCPOS subsidy module, you our restaurant can offer special prices and discounts to specific categories of customers or companies.
Automatic identification of registered customers
The subsidies are recognized and applied automatically in the till when you read the guest card. The transactions thus become faster, increasing the benefits and customer loyalty.
Complete or partial payments
Through the automation of the Subsidy module, the system is able to determine whether or not the transaction must be paid wholly or partly in cash. TCPOS collects all unpaid transactions at the check-out by issuing an invoice at the end of the month.


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Customized subsidies

Apply subsidies for single users, customer categories and companies.

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Automatic management of discounts and diverse price levels.

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Happy hour

You can schedule discounts at specific times/days.

Definition of article groups

Select products and item groups for discounts.

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