Targeted advertising on the customer monitor

TCPOS Second Display is a simple and effective innovative device. It transforms your checkout system into a valuable marketing tool by exploiting the customer monitor. Match the products and services that are appropriate to the registered customer at the right time, transmitting targeted advertising in accordance with his preferences.

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Boost your marketing potential
Second Display is a powerful tool for marketing and loyalty. Whether you play videos to consumers who are reviewing their itemized receipt before paying, or presenting product information (such as ingredients and allergens), you are creating an interactive and entertaining touchpoint experience, capturing the attention of those who are waiting.
Multimedia offers for customer loyalty
In shops and supermarkets, the TCPOS Second Display can broadcast article information as well as current promotions and offers, creating a dynamic interaction between the client and point of sale - thus boosting customer loyalty and sales potential.
Invite your customer to return
In hospitality, such videos can inform customers about delicious future menu specials, such as happy hours and theme parties, encouraging them to return.
Receipts and confirmation by signing
No more pens and wasted paper thanks to the new digital signature feature of the TCPOS Second Display, which allows customers to confirm their purchases just by writing with their fingers on the touchscreen. The new digitized signature solution fits all areas of food service and retail. In particular, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and other venues where a digital booking is stored after each consumption or purchase and then summarized and totaled at the final checkout of the customer stay.


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Advertising at the POS

Display useful information and attractive messages, video, advertisements and special offers.

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Using an intuitive interface, you can set up and configure the screen layout, customizing different advertisements.

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Digitized signature

With the digitized signature, a finger is enough to sign receipts, eliminating paper waste.

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Clear overview of operations and extraction of current statistics.

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