Loyalty and convenience with smart promotions

Attracting new customers whilst retaining existing customers is one of the main objectives of any commercial activity. Hospitality, retail, and entertainment are all sectors that use discounts and bonuses to demonstrate that convenience and quality always win! With TCPOS you can activate and check directly from your headquarters, special offers and promotions in real time and with the maximum efficiency. Encourage purchases and loyalty, smartly and without complications.

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Convenience & customer retention at the POS
Expand your catchment area and attract new customers with competitive offers - obtaining the maximum return on investment for your business. If you manage a supermarket, a shop, or a chain of restaurants, with TCPOS it will be easy to organize effective campaigns. Promotion is intuitive to understand and all tills will quickly recognize and automatically apply discounts on products sold on the basis of the rule sets, without stress for your staff.
Powerful promotional engine
With the Promotion module from TCPOS, you have at your disposal a very dynamic and competitive "promotional engine", with which you will be able to devise several campaigns in the form of discounts and gifts. Through a simple wizard, you can enter the parameters of your offerings, opening up a world of promotions to encourage customer loyalty.
A world of convenience
Promotions are manually activated on single tills, or managed by headquarters on large networks, also at an international level. Moreover, it is possible to activate offers by simply reading barcodes printed on the packaging, or on promotional vouchers, wherein the first promotion activates a second one. For example, if you buy a mobile phone, you get an offer for a cover, or in hospitality, when you purchase a full meal, you receive a voucher for a coffee.
Different customer targets
There are many possibilities, compatible with diverse sectors of the market. Hospitality, retail, transport, entertainment - whatever your business, you can activate discounts and gifts. This could be according to quantity, individual items, or groups of items belonging to specific categories, e.g. a ten percent discount on pastries. Create custom promotions and invite new customers, or dedicate exclusive offers to your registered users.


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Active loyalty

Define promotions and discounts for a specified period to register and retain customers.

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Automated processes

When the customer card is recognized at the checkout, promotions are automatically activated.

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Gift items

Reward the loyalty of customers with the distribution of gift items.

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Promotions may be subject to periods of validity and to sale areas.

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