Pager integration for faster service

Gourmet or fast food, take-away or quick-service: whatever the style of your restaurant, guests expect to be served quickly and efficiently, especially during rush hours. In order to give excellent service to your customers and improve your staff organization, TCPOS integrated innovative paging solutions with its flexible multifunctional POS solutions. The result means guests enjoy great customer service and a pleasant dining experience that makes them want to return.

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Effective table service for reducing waiting times
Including a paging system in the workflow of your restaurant will help to enhance your customer service, and to efficiently manage the sales process, resulting in shorter waiting times and increased customer satisfaction. Managing the tables and food delivery, plus reduced congestion at the hostess stand will improve the quality and the speed of your service. Thus, making your customers happier and increasing the chance that they come back!
Freedom of movement and convenience for your guests
Once you have registered an order, the customer receives a pager - a small portable device to which, when the order is ready, a signal is sent activating a sound, flashing light or discrete vibration. In the meantime, the customer can wander in the surroundings or take advantage of your bar, ensuring greater profits.
A quicker and better service
In many restaurants, waiting staff make on average five trips to the kitchen every hour to ask if their order is ready. Over a six-hour shift, a server could lose up to 60 minutes checking the kitchen for meals that are not yet ready to be served. With TCPOS, all the chef has to do, instead of shouting, is press a button to summon the waiters. When meals are ready, the chef sends a silent message to the appropriate waiter‘s pager. The pager vibration signals the exact moment an order is ready for collection.
No more crowded reception areas or impatient customers
No need to hunt for customers when their food or table is ready. It is proven that customer paging results in fewer walk-aways and more profit for you! You will take more table bookings and lose fewer customers. Staff members are more productive because they spend more time looking after customers and less time searching for them.


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Increase sales by giving your customers a calm atmosphere and a faster service.

Better service

Your staff will have more time to focus on customers as required, without having to continue to check the status of orders.

Discreet and quiet

When activated, the pager emits light signals and discrete vibrations.

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Because guests frequently monitor the device, this presents an opportunity to places images and advertisements, to boost branding and cross-selling.

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