The first Swiss e-wallet

Using a mobile phone to pay whilst dining out or shopping is now possible in Switzerland thanks to TWINT, an application that is much more than just a mobile payment solution. Besides secure and fast payment, TWINT provides a comprehensive e-wallet solution with many value-added services such as couponing, loyalty cards, fastline services, digital time cards and gift cards.

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The first mobile payment solution in Switzerland
Customers of shops, restaurants and canteens in Switzerland are now able to pay for their purchases simply, securely and quickly using TWINT. The integration of this mobile payment app into the TCPOS cash register solution allows them to pay for their purchases using their smartphones instead of cash or cards.
Customized automatic recognition
Thanks to personalization of their account during registration, customers can be identified during the transaction process and the appropriate price category (e.g. “employee”) can be applied to their purchase. This personal customization is the first of its kind for a public payment system.
Customer loyalty consolidation
Marketing and customer retention functions such as vouchers, gift and loyalty cards, fastline services and digital time cards are integrated into the app and there is no requirement for any other form of payment.
System independence for cost-effectiveness
TWINT is far more cost-effective than any previous payment solutions, because in order to use it, companies and service providers only require a beacon (a small Bluetooth transmitter) and an integration into the TCPOS cash register software. This is extremely economical compared to a card terminal and thus beneficial to companies that nowadays face the challenge of increasing customer needs, as their margins decrease.


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Queue busting features

The integration of the POS system with the cashless payments reduces queues and waits at the POS.

Fidelizzazione cliente, tcpos, pos, loyalty, carte cliente, promozioni, campagne punti

Customer loyalty

Price differentiations according to the category of the registered user.

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TWINT works independently of telecom providers and can be used on all standard iOS and Android operating systems.

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Twint can be configured in different languages according to the region.

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