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All industries defined by fast-paced business environments such as hospitality and retail, produce massive amounts of data. Data that needs to be constantly reviewed and understood by managers who often organize their teams whilst on the go. For this reason, TCPOS has recently designed Mobile Dashboard, an application that provides real-time insights from business data and performance analyses, via the internet, directly onto your portable device.

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Business insights on the go
Turnover, number of tickets and average daily bills are essential data for all managers who want to keep track of information and recognize the current trends regarding the evolution of their business. Whatever your target market (hospitality, retail, leisure, etc.), with TCPOS Mobile Dashboard you can have full insights about the performance of your company wherever you are, and whenever you want - directly on your mobile phone or tablet.
Simple KPI overview
Mobile Dashboard is an application for mobile devices that improves the organization of your company by having, at your fingertips, up-to-date information on your business by simply consulting clear reports that describe essential key performance indicators (KPIs). For each KPI, it is possible to associate a complete detail page or graphs representing information that provides an easy and simple overview of activities as they develop in real time in your shop or restaurant.
Complete extensibility
Thanks to its design, the application is user friendly and extremely extensible, which means all information is displayed in a simple and effective way. In addition, Mobile Dashboard has an intuitive layout that can be easily customized thanks to the configuration of style sheets or expanded by installing specific functionalities.
Your data is safe
Mobile Dashboard is safe: administrators can decide which information should be displayed and to whom, ensuring data security by applying strict visibility criteria. Furthermore, the application can be perfectly integrated in any work environment that includes tills, kitchen monitors or Business Intelligence applications.


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Intuitive user interface and easy to learn.

call center, service, direct contact, customer service, problem solving

Problem solving

Problem identification and/or efficiency monitoring.

TCPOS, gestione scorte, inventario, stock control, pos,

Trend forecast

Business trends and opportunity recognition.

innovazione, soluzioni innovative, problem solving, personalizzazione, tcpos. pos

Innovative management

Integration with POS, payment systems, order and delivery, etc.

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