Print labels with complete autonomy

Correct and detailed information contribute to making the shopping experience of your customer more efficient and comfortable. By avoiding ambiguities and inaccuracies, you can avoid customer disappointment, without having to involve the staff of your company for every customer query. TCPOS helps you to accompany your customer in his choices, thanks to Label Print, a useful system that allows you to print different types of label, with complete autonomy, directly from your data administration system.

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Print labels for every occasion
Prices, ingredients, deadlines: The more information, the simpler it will be for your customers to choose the products they are interested in. Thanks to a user-friendly graphical interface, you can quickly define the layout and the parameters necessary for all your labels. Furthermore, thanks to its multi-lingual features, Label Print allows you to print the information in different languages, becoming the ideal tool for all international companies.
Simplified wizard for design and printing
Label print Label Print helps you accelerate the design of labels, inspiring you step by step through the creation by using templates available in the system. You will only need to define the size, data and print layout - everything will be ready in an instant. User-friendly Simple to set up for the operator, clear to interpret for the client.
Barcode labels for your warehouse
Verify and quickly find the presence of articles by simply reading the labels printed with Label Print. Print barcode labels to identify all articles in your warehouse, managed by the Stock Control module, the system for smart stock management from TCPOS.
Compatibility with hardware and multiple formats
TCPOS is compatible with different types of printer. With Label print, you can print individual labels using a specific printer, compatible with TCPOS. Alternatively, you can make multiple copies on an A4 sheet, using a normal PC printer. Inventory management.


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Labels for every occasion

Label management of prices, quantities, items booked and barcodes.

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Simple to set up for the operator, clear to interpret for the client.

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Multi-lingual product information, ideal for international organizations.

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Inventory management

Print barcodes to speed up inventory control.

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