Advanced customer invoicing

Having more details printed on your customer invoices can help them to get to know you better, improve your service, and manage irregularities. Research and reprints should be as precise as possible and you should be provided with the ability to intervene in the customer account when needed.

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All your customer’s transactions
The TCPOS Invoicing module lets you add essential functions to the management of your loyalty program, regardless of the type of support used (credit card, prepaid, ID, etc.). You can store all invoices in your corporate system for future checks and reprints, insert data and additional comments, and manage terms of payment.
Simplified search of customer information
Invoicing uses different filters to ensure a thorough search of the invoices. You can get the information you need according to card type, company or customer name. In addition, the application allows you to list at a glance all unpaid invoices.
Overview of customer cards and invoices
For ID and prepaid cards, you can instantly verify all the payments made by the customer. With credit cards, the module allows you to use several functions for the advanced management of your invoices, such as issue, print, balance and cancel.


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Itemized bills

Add more details useful for customer account management.

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Customer card balance

Immediate customer card balance control.

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Search and reprint

Precise search function and reprinting of registered invoices.

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Information is easy to add and interpret.

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