The operational center for ticketing and sales

Theme Parks, museums, stadiums; any activity using a visitor control system must be capable of ensuring their guests’ safety, comfort and freedom of movement. TCPOS Gate Control is a smart solution designed to allow your company to transform the cash register into a real operational center, combining the sale of tickets with that of merchandising and food.

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Access control, shopping and hospitality
Gate Control ensures fluid processes for the managers and unforgettable experiences for the visitors. Your guests access attractions through different types of entries, doors, barriers or turnstiles, then buy food and items in gift-shops, bars and restaurants, enjoying the impeccable organization.
POS complete ticketing solution
With Gate Control, your point of sale system can issue all types of tickets such as day cards, weekly passes, family passes, rechargeable cards, and subscription cards with a photo capture feature. Cards are connected to the accounts of registered customers and their validity can be easily scheduled.
Practical, safe and convenient
Replace only parts with changes, I’ll do the rest Purchased tickets can either be printed directly on a printer by simply pressing the relevant function button on the till, or provided in a pre-printed form. It is also possible to reprint lost tickets by searching for the customer by name. Furthermore, the system works with contactless solutions like RFID bracelets that are often used in swimming pools and sports centers.
No constraints: mobility for efficiency
Operators can also work “on the run”, thanks to practical handheld devices that communicate via a wireless network to both the central till and various management centers. This function is vital for improving staff efficiency, working in large spaces and reducing queues. The handheld device becomes a true “mobile” till.
TCPOS & Zucchetti: a winning synergy
TCPOS Gate control system is integrated with Axess control readers X1 and X2, developed by Zucchetti, the leading Italian IT group. The architecture of this web-based software solution enables the management of employees, visitors, suppliers and vehicles, at access points - whether they are doors, gates, barriers or turnstiles. The system operates with a perfect balance between security, comfort and freedom of movement.


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POS & ticketing

Purchases and ticketing in one solution.

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Universal solution

The module works with all existing turnstile brands and supports barcodes or RFID cards.

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Offline mode

Turnstiles and handhelds are capable of verifying ticket validity, even when the central database is not available.

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Web ticketing

Full-integration with online ticketing solutions.

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