Extensible POS solution

From small commercial installations, to extended hospitality and retail networks, an extensible POS system can help you make the difference. The TCPOS FrontEnd module facilitates the daily work of your business. Thanks to a wide range of features that allow maximum customization, you are ready to face any global challenges by exploiting its multi-country features. We allow you to manage different currencies and languages, and adapt to the tax rules of the different jurisdictions.

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Flexible and customizable POS solution
FrontEnd is designed to fully manage sales transactions on till terminals. A solution that works perfectly at international level and is able to manage different currencies and languages, thanks to a wide range of functions that allow maximum customization. TCPOS knows no limits - there are countless fields of application: restaurants and fast-food restaurants, canteens and catering, stadiums and hotels, theme parks, discount markets, boutiques, franchises, bars, cruise ships, aircraft and trains.
The mobile till
All functionality of FrontEnd is available on handhelds with standard Windows or Android technology, providing maximum flexibility to your business. The POS becomes mobile thanks to TCPOS compatibility with tablets and smartphones, and serves as one small example of innovation and the dynamism of TCPOS solutions.
Peripherals without limits: stationary and mobile
The system integrates all payment methods and a vast array of peripheral devices including barcode readers, retail and kitchen printers, EFT-readers, customer displays, card readers, scales, waiter locks and vending machines.
Stand-alone or network - always connected
Every POS is linked to the server via a TCP/IP connection, both in local and geographic networks. TCPOS may also be used with a “stand-alone” configuration, where the POS system is used both as the server and the till, to issue tickets and invoices. Moreover, TCPOS can be configured as a self-service station.
Online and offline, communication without interruptions
TCPOS has a proven record of installations in company-wide networks. In case of a network failure, TCPOS operates in offline mode and the checkouts communicate between each other via peer-to-peer networking, even without the server. After restoring the connection, data is transferred into the central database.


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The functions of your POS can be improved and extended with new features according to your needs.

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Thanks to the intuitive interface and customization, new employees can use the system independently after a short training course.

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Offline mode

Thanks to peer-to-peer networking, tills communicate with each other even in the absence of the network connection.

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International management

The solution is multi-lingual, multi-currency, and multi-regulation, therefore suitable for international companies.

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