Smart stock management

Stock Control is a highly scalable and flexible software module for warehouse administration, developed specifically for the needs of hospitality, catering, canteens and retail. The system will allow you to always keep an eye on stock movements of your company and increase your profitability.

Stock Control: Your stock in real-time
Thanks to Stock Control, the cashier knows in real-time the availability of each product, displaying the stock levels during the sales transaction directly on the monitor. The system can also indicate negative quantities without limiting the sale.
Mobile stock management with handhelds
DroidStock adds more features to Stock Control, allowing you to view the real-time inventory situation directly on your Android handheld. You can generate reports in PDF or Excel format. In addition, the system allows for real-time verification of stock transactions. The collection of information is also supported on Windows PDAs.
DroidStock: Dynamic inventory check on Android
DroidStock is designed for the latest generation of handhelds. Pressing the side button, the system automatically starts the Xyng scanner application that will communicate with Stock Control as a normal barcode reader.
Barcode label for your warehouse
With the module Label Print, you can print (at any time) labels with barcodes that will be integrated into the management of this stock. At any time you can read and check for items registered by the Stock Control module.


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Optimized stock management

The POS displays real-time inventory, improving the organization of orders.

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The solution works with both common portable devices like smartphones and tablets, and with the latest generation of industrial handhelds.

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Centralized management

Stock Control allows you to manage and analyze the situation in your warehouse, inventory, products, suppliers, and orders etc., both at the level of either individual branches or headquarters.

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The system is designed to adapt to the management characteristics of your warehouse.

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