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TCPOS provides you with all the tools you need to keep the performance of your business under control. Standard reports and advanced statistical applications dedicated to business intelligence help you recognize and resolve possible critical problems. Simple to understand graphics provide trends overviews so that you can keep the situation perfectly under control either from your office, from home or on your phone whilst you are traveling.

Interactive overview of your business
TCPOS provides you an interactive overview of operations and control of active tills online. All transactions are tracked by date, time, operator, cash, store, etc.
Business data on the fly
Infobusiness is the essential business intelligence solution designed for managers who want to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses in their business. Infobusiness is available from any PC, tablet and smartphone, and will allow you to increase the efficiency of your company, as well as develop sound proposals for customers, increase profits and reduce operating costs.
Company information on the fly
Turnover, number of receipts, and average daily receipts, are all data necessary for the professional who needs to monitor and recognize the current trends in the daily business activity. Whatever your target market, with TCPOS Mobile Dashboard you can monitor information regarding the performance of your business wherever you are, whenever you want, right on your smartphone or tablet.
Sales data at glance
The Profit Center module enables the addition of statistical categories that allow you to analyze key factors, such as return on investment. All data can be exported in the form of reports that summarize all relevant information about profit or loss of specific revenue streams and business units.
On-line statistics, always & anywhere
TCPOS Web Reporting is an effective solution designed for those managers who travel frequently and want to have access anytime and anywhere to all information about company performance. The application allows you to view reports from a laptop or mobile device connected to the Internet, without the need to install any additional software.


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Centralized information

Multidimensional in-depth analysis, exportable in multiple formats.

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Always at your side

Consult business data on your smartphone and tablet, wherever you are and at any time.

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Advanced reporting

View statistics in several formats: pivot tables, charts and dynamic dashboards.

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Easily extensible and customizable reporting.

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