Safety and convenience with cashless payments

Cashless payments are rapidly emerging in all areas of global commerce, thanks to their safety and convenience. TCPOS is compatible with various systems of cashless payments, e-wallets and apps that integrate payment functions for the mobile device, reducing the costs of cash handling and ensuring transaction traceability for your customers.

Integration with mobile apps
TCPOS integrates seamlessly with apps for smartphones and tablets. The users can charge their credit in real time, wherever they are, via credit card or mobile payment services like Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Alipay and WeChat. At any time you can check your credit and pay the cashier through the phone via a special reader.
“Open Cash File" reader
In partnership with Zucchetti, TCPOS recently developed a card reader, compatible with the Common Smartcards standard, introducing a compatible cashless payment system. This payment system optimizes the integration with your till and minimizes installation time. The new reader registers the balance quickly and reliably, and is distinguished by a simple and intuitive operation.
Secure balance with Open Wallet
Jointly with the members of the Common Smartcard association, TCPOS presents the “Open Wallet”, a cashless payment system that enables loading and use of smartcards even if peripherals such as card readers have been changed. Balances will no longer get lost and will be transparently secured within the system since they must not be transferred to another card and can be used independently from the system.
DroidPOS: Checkout processes with no limits for place and time
DroidPOS brings the POS onto Android smartphones, enabling NFC payments directly via mobile device. This solution is a fully-fledged online and offline POS with contactless payment. Payment via smartphone provides a fast and easy alternative to stationary payment for stadiums, canteens, restaurants and retail.
Cashless payments for dynamic purchases
PayPal has over 162 million users worldwide, and 15 million in Germany alone. In addition to its online offerings, PayPal is also available for shops and restaurants. Thanks to TCPOS, Paypal is now also integrated with the POS system. The cash process is similar to online: The customer registers on PayPal, then the app shows the nearest shops enabled for this type of payment.
Switzerland’s first digital wallet
Customers of shops, restaurants and canteens in Switzerland are now able to pay for their purchases simply, securely and quickly using TWINT. The integration of this mobile payment app with the TCPOS solution allows consumers to handle their purchases with their smartphone instead of cash and credit cards.


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Your business will employ fewer staff and save on hardware purchases.

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Compatibility with all payments systems: cashless, contactless and mobile.

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Simplified top-up processes for the user, who will be able to verify his transactions at any time.

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Manage customer loyalty activities that enable them to take advantage of discount coupons, gift cards, loyalty cards as well as Fastline services.

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