Interface with innovation

TCPOS is a highly flexible solution that designs reliable interfaces to communicate, without interruptions, with many different operating systems. TCPOS is currently compatible with the most popular ERP, PMS, and CRM systems as well as applications for hospital and naval administration. In addition, TCPOS can manage solutions for billing, taxes, fines and customs practices. Moreover, TCPOS can be integrated within mobile apps for the management of payments and vouchers.

Exchange data with your system
TCPOS is compatible with "Food & Beverage" ERP systems. By connecting with warehouse systems, TCPOS manages the exchange of information relating to items and transactions between third-party applications and the TCPOS database, without the need to develop any additional modules for the customer.
PMS, HMS, SMS and much more
TCPOS interacts with many different hospital and hotel management systems, interpreting sales data and communicating information regarding the transactions performed by clients and guests for appropriate billing. TCPOS also integrates with applications to manage staff, fines, taxes, and customs clearance.
Manage promotions with Passbook and PassWallet
Further integrations enable the use of the Passbook app for iPhones and the Android based app PassWallet for coupon administration and collection of tickets, invitations and bonus cards. Optionally, the virtual wallet can enable the transfer of selected e-Coupons. The customer also receives reminders of special promotions from the store.
Qnips at the service of your customers
Using Qnips, customers can redeem coupons with a smartphone, collect loyalty bonuses and leave feedback. In order to do so, TCPOS prints a QR-code on a receipt, the customer scans the QR-code with the free-of-charge app Qnips with his smartphone, and can then redeem coupons as well as evaluate services and products.


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Seamless processes

Data communication between TCPOS and management systems is continuous and real-time.

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Quick integration

Our team is able to evaluate and quickly develop interfaces.

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Limitless compatibility

TCPOS is designed to adapt to the systems and hardware devices in use in your company.

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Mobile integrations

Integration with apps and mobile payment systems.

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