Zucchetti HR solutions: scalability is the key

#ZucchettiTalent – Interview with Robin Haczynski, B.A. in Business Administration

This is the third and newest issue of #ZucchettiTalent, our initiative designed to provide a stage for our younger team members, who published studies regarding different topics related to Zucchetti’s solutions, giving them the opportunity to share their insights and ideas.

This time, we sat down to talk to Robin Haczynski, Sales Manager at Zucchetti Germany GmbH in Völklingen.  He completed his Business Administration studies, with a special focus on HR-management and marketing at the HTW SAAR - University of applied sciences. In his thesis, he worked on the optimization of personnel administration and personnel resource planning at the example of our HR software.

What is the difference between traditional and a more modern personnel management and how has personnel management changed in the last decades? 

The difference between traditional and modern workforce management is both in general processing and handling of resources and in individual fields of activity. One of the biggest changes has come through technological progress, digital change, and transformation. Everything that had previously been done on paper, can now easily be managed and processed digitally, e.g. through software. Moreover, digital personnel management has steadily gained in importance and it keeps playing an ever increasing, central role in every company.    

Which positive effects and consequences can an optimized personnel administration or personnel resource planning have? 

With an optimized HR management and resource planning, all central workflows and processes can be improved, accelerated and errors or redundancies can be minimized. The result of that are some major corporate benefits: saving costs and giving employees more time to focus on other essential things. The digitization of the two areas acts as a powerful enabler of global networking; responding to queries or requests and problem solving can be done much more quickly.    

Is modern/digital personnel administration or personnel resource planning always useful and feasible? 

It is extremely difficult to simply make a blanket statement for all companies. What I can stress is that a modern and digital workforce scheduling and management can be extremely beneficial, pragmatic and practical. First and foremost, it is essential to really assess the needs of customers, to critically evaluate all aspects, in order to find the one solution that is the perfect fit and brings added value for everyone involved. Focusing on this side of the project is necessary, as such a change can mean rather high investment costs and not every company has the same budget for these kinds of projects.

For example, iFluid is one of the HR solutions developed by Zucchetti, created for smaller companies with less than 50 employees. iFluid is designed to give smaller businesses the opportunity to implement a digital workforce management without the drastically high investment costs of other HR solutions available on the market, which are typically designed for bigger corporations and therefore, companies with a bigger budget. On the other hand, we offer our HR Infinity solution to fit the needs of larger companies. As, for a corporation with 10.000 employees or more, it would be time-consuming and complicated to plan, manage and schedule their workforce without a powerful, effective digital personnel resource planning like our HR-Infinity. I am highlighting the importance of placing the customer and their needs at the centre of all activities, which is what Zucchetti always does, by listening to their requirements, evaluating and then providing the appropriate solutions.

Which are you recommendations for action?

The digital personnel file of Zucchetti is currently not offered on the German market. However, there is great demand for it on the German market, we found that companies have very different requirements and different ideas about a digital personnel file. A possible next step would be to carry out a market or industry analysis to determine what the digital personnel file must contain from a client’s point of view. This analysis could also be executed as a pilot project with an existing customer, by extending current modules with the digital personnel file. Another possibility is to work with existing customers of another product, such as TCPOS.

What distinguishes Zucchetti from other providers is the fact that we are extremely versatile and flexible with our portfolio – we have the possibility to provide several different solutions with versatile modules and functionalities, like iFluid for smaller companies and HR Infinity for bigger companies. Zucchetti always focuses on the customer and their needs, #YouAreOurPurpose in any case – we adapt solutions to your individual, specific requirements; customers can rely on us to take care of all of their different IT needs.