Zucchetti acquires 100% of PayMyTable

Zucchetti France acquires PayMyTable, a powerful digital omnichannel platform designed to improve and disrupt the customer experience in the hospitality industry.

During recent times, digital solutions in the restaurant and hotel industries have grown increasingly popular, proving to be valid allies in keeping businesses successful even during challenging times. In a world where consumer habits and customer expectations on how they order food and pay have drastically changed, the acquisition of PayMyTable matches the vision of Zucchetti and its leading POS solutions TCPOS perfectly, in keeping companies ready to face the present situation thinking about the future.

PayMyTable is a highly innovative company developing a broad range of digital solutions for the restaurant industry with the objective of boosting revenues and improving client satisfaction. Its digital omnichannel platform provides solutions that deliver an improved customer experience, such as digital ordering that offers click & collect functionalities, order at table, kiosks or the centralization of orders from third-party delivery services. Furthermore, PayMyTable yields additional functionalities like mobile payment, CRM and product information management "PIM".

The key differentiating factors of PayMyTable are its ability to be fully integrated with the IT infrastructure of its clients, through their POS or ERP systems, and its execution speed for the go-to-market, thanks to its ready-to-use customer interfaces on mobile, desktop, kiosk and tablet.

PayMyTable’s open architecture allows for integration with all available POS solutions on the market. This flexibility will remain a core principle, enabling the digital platform to continue to partner with all innovative POS on the market, including models not belonging to the Zucchetti portfolio.

With this acquisition, Zucchetti wants to boost PayMyTable’s growth and use it to build the most advanced digital platform for the hospitality and retail industries. To reflect this ambitious objective, PayMyTable will soon be renamed.

The PayMyTable management as well as the team will stay on board to further develop the company and its solutions.

"Zucchetti always aims at providing the most advanced solutions”, declares Dirk Schwindling, International Chief Strategy Officer of Zucchetti GroupFor the last few years, digital became more and more key for our clients and the recent situation in our society put the spotlight on the customer’s digital experience to generate new revenues. By integrating PayMyTable with TCPOS and the other POS solutions included in the Zucchetti portfolio, we intend to offer the most advanced solution on the market and support our clients in their future success".

"We are very excited to become part of Zucchetti, since TCPOS has been one of our long-term POS partners”, states Cedric Guerin, Founder of PayMyTable, “We truly believe that the combination of TCPOS and PayMyTable will provide an unmatched solution for large accounts in the hospitality business across Europe and the Americas.

With more than 7,000 people, a nationwide distribution network exceeding 1,650 Partners in Italy and 350 worldwide and more than 700,000 customers, Zucchetti Group is one of the most important Italian companies in the IT sector.

Zucchetti offers a range of products that is unmatched in Italy and Europe, allowing customers to gain major competitive advantages and to rely on a single partner for all their IT needs.




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