TCPOS Self-Checkout: No more queues at the POS

Optimize processes through omni-functional technology, boosting your customer journey.

By bundling Zucchetti‘s TCPOS software technology and PartnerTech self-checkouts, your supermarkets and your shops can provide an autonomous and more efficient customer experience, reducing queues at the POS and boosting revenues.

ZUCCHETTI's innovative self-checkout software solution combines proven TCPOS cash register technology with intuitive self-service for taking payments in retail trade and catering. The small self-checkouts should reduce queues and contribute to a smooth shopping experience with a seamless checkout procedure.

A customized look can be created easily in the retailer’s brand environment, which means that the retailer is free to design the UI as desired or adorn the self-service till with pictures of products and offers.

TCPOS is designed to seamlessly work with Partner Tech Europe’s self-checkout system, whose flagship hardware solution offers many advantages to supermarkets and shops. The new system reduces the usually high number of people at the cash desks, resulting in significantly shorter waiting times for customers during peak hours. A faster payment process leads to increased customer satisfaction.



  • No queues at the POS
  • 1 or 2 large bagging areas
  • Customizable user interface
  • Accepts all payment types
  • User-friendly



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