#DigitalThoughts with Manuel Wegmüller

Interview with one of our Project Managers from Switzerland. 

Find our newest update of the #DigitalThoughts interview series below and discover what Manuel, our Project Manager from Zürich, is thinking about. 


Who are you and since when do you work in Zucchetti?

My name is Manuel and I have been working for about 2 years for Zucchetti Switzerland as a Project Manager. I am in charge of some of our retail customers (Denner, Jelmoli, some subprojects in Manor). Before starting at Zucchetti, I worked as a Project Manager and Business Analyst in the POS Software department for about eight years.

How are you coping with this strange period personally?

I try to do things every day in same way in order to get some daily routine, same as our preschool kids, who have to take some time every day to do their homework. Furthermore, I try to do strength training for a couple of times a week at home, otherwise It would be hard to get enough physical movement in the current situation.

What’s the key moment that you remember about this whole situation?

I am really excited that almost all companies are able to provide home office to their employees and it seems to be fine for all parties. I have had a call with 10 attendees who work for a customer and I did not feel any different than having a meeting on customer site.

How would you describe the corporate atmosphere/behaviour, i.e. which steps has the company taken?

The atmosphere is rather positive; even the situation is tough on the economy, most employees try to do their best in the current situation and try to push their projects further.

How has COVID-19 affected the way you work and corporate culture?

Well certainly, the most notable thing is that now, everything is done in a digital way. All meetings on customer site are now done virtually. Therefore, it has definitely pushed the ongoing Digital Transformation.

How has your immediate team reacted?

The same way as the most of our teams probably. We switched to working from home and tried to make the best of it, for example by and setting up periodical meetings.

How do you feel in the company right now? Do you feel comfortable and taken care of?

Well, I worked regularly from home in the past, so luckily, I can handle the current situation in a good way I think. The management is available at every time to answer any questions or concerns we might have and fulfil my needs as an employee.

What do you miss the most? What is the first thing you're going to do when this is over?

I miss the personal contact with the customer. I would like to see the customer and how he is reacting directly in front of me.