#DigitalThoughts with Diandra Sacco - Switzerland

Interview with Diandra Sacco, chatting about how she adapted to the new normal.

Read the newest edition of our #DigitalThoughts, our interview series with colleagues from around the world, dealing with the challenges of COVID-19.
We are amazed by the solidarity and team spirit that has been expressed recently, so we want to show the world seen through the eyes of our colleagues. Don’t miss out – read what Diandra Sacco, Marketing & Communicaiton Specialist from our Manno office, is feeling right now!

Who are you and since when do you work in Zucchetti? (briefly explain your role)


I am Diandra, 24 and I have been working for Zucchetti since March 2019. I begun as an intern and then I became a Junior Marketing Specialist at the beginning of this year. I support my team’s colleagues in the implementation of Marketing activities across all our countries, such as social media management, press releases, create content for internal and external activities and help organizing company events.


How are you coping with this strange period personally?


I always try to stay positive and think that everything will be alright. Personally, I use my newly won free time to learn something new every day. Working on a new recipe, reading a book, listening to podcasts, attending some online courses or improving the knowledge of a new language are all examples of what I love to do when I finish my working hours.


What’s the key moment that you remember / has left an impression on you about this whole situation?


I remember that I was very worried in the moment when my city where I was for the weekend and then the entire country was put in lockdown. I was extremely worried about the forthcoming weeks and how work would change across the departments in the company.


How would you describe the corporate atmosphere/behaviour, i.e. which steps has the company taken, what has been done etc.?


I think that Zucchetti reacted very positively to this situation. The communication from the management was always transparent and on time. Moreover, we developed some internal initiatives to keep all of us closer during this period of social distancing. For example, we began sharing #DigitalChallenges, an initiative, in which each of us has the possibility to share personal preferences about the topic of the day so that we could feel closer to each other and discover something new about our colleagues. Some of us also organized coffee breaks online on Microsoft Teams all together, so we could keep alive the tradition of getting a coffee together.



How has COVID-19 affected the way you work and corporate culture?


The measures taken by the company have definitely changed my priorities. Now, videocalls have become my favourite way to communicate with my team and other colleagues. Indeed, not only do we use video calls to carry on projects, but we also call each other during breaks, to keep in touch during the day and see how everyone is doing.


How has your immediate team reacted?


We tried to maintain our weekly call on Monday, as we used to do before this period and we tried to split the workload among the team members. Communication and teamwork is more crucial than ever to carry on the projects and to stay up to date.


How do you feel in the company right now? Do you feel comfortable and taken care of?


I am quite comfortable right now. The first week at home was a little strange and I had to get used to hear the voices of my colleagues rather than see them in the office, but now I feel close to them even though we cannot see each other as often as before. We constantly ask each other how the situation in our cities is evolving and how we are dealing with this long time at home, we share advices about new receipts, films or online courses.


Lastly, what do you miss the most? What's the first thing you're going to do when this is over?


There are many things I want to do, when the situation improves; I want to hug my grandmothers, play with my little cousin and see my boyfriend. Apart from that, I cannot wait to go to a local restaurant with my friends and have some good food. I love eating in company!