Beat Steiner joins Zucchetti as the head of the new Retail Hub

Zucchetti keeps moving and growing at fast pace, which means we need to be always ready for change to ensure the organic growth of our group and its organization.

We put this to practice by welcoming Beat Steiner as the new Branch Manager in Aesch (CH). Beat boasts a long-standing experience in the Retail innovation business thanks to his previous work commitment in Swiss Manor group, a project we all contributed to make big.

“Beat Steiner will take over as branch manager of our RETAIL branch in Basel / Aesch from March 1st. Another step to strengthen and expand our market position in RETAIL.” Says Christian Mattle, Managing directors of Zucchetti Switzerland SA. “We are very pleased to have Beat Steiner, a very experienced retail expert, in our team.We got to know and appreciate Beat during our long-standing MANOR project. As project manager, head of digital POS ,business engagement manager and Director IT Customer Services he has contributed a lot to the success of the TCPOS projects and has experience connecting the Online with the Offline Business. Before that, Beat was Head of Systems & Processes at GLOBUS for over 6 years”.

The Aesch brand will be the core of the Zucchetti Swiss Retail Hub that we have established since the growing attention our solutions are gaining in the business thanks to our professionality and innovative strength. To push our growth in the Swiss Retail market, and to utilize Beat’s network best, we dedicate the Northern Swiss team with Retail, Project Management, and TCPOS experts.

Our Aesch colleagues joined our group carrying a long-standing tradition of credibility and innovation in the Retail business”. Says Dirk Schwindling, Zucchetti CSO. “Beat Steiner’s expertise made him immediately the best candidate to lead Zucchetti in strengthening its presence in this market with our wide range of tailor-made solutions for both the food and non-food retail market, such our new POS solution ePOS cloud”.

We wish Beat the best for his new working position in our family! We are sure this change will bring new influence and new spirit!

Watch out for more Management Updates in the next days!


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