Always on-time and available

Delivering quality and timely services to your customers while they travel means processing a myriad of orders and payments on a daily basis. Reliability, availability, outstanding performance and ease of use are winning capabilities of TCPOS, which will exceed your business objectives and take the company to new heights.

TCPOS is the software solution that allows you to manage effectively - with a unique, flexible and customizable tool - all points of sale on ferries. Being constantly on the move, the ships are not directly connected to the central database. Thanks to TCPOS, the transactions are transferred and consolidated later, on arrival at the port.
Railway stations offer commuters multiple dining options and a wide variety of shops. Meanwhile, on trains, travellers can take advantage of restaurants, bars and mini-bar carts that, being constantly on the move, they have to ensure an accurate data management even when away from the stations. TCPOS is a stable and multifunctional solution chosen by some of the most important European railways. A unique, flexible and customizable solution, which takes care of your transactions, ensuring a higher return on investment for your company.
Leveraging the long breaks between flights, airports have become important commercial centres that have famous label shops, restaurants and fast food chain brands. TCPOS, using all the latest mobile and cashless payment technologies, helps to speed up your service and meet all the demands placed on the cash systems, which have to handle large volumes of daily transactions executed ​​by travellers.
Today, modern service stations are truly multifunctional centres where purchasing fuel at automated pumps is integrated with catering services. In these busy working environments, fast food chains, restaurants and supermarkets offer 24/7 services to customers. TCPOS, thanks to its power and stability, is able to combine its twenty years of experience in the management of systems for catering and retail, with the integration of systems for fuel sales.


Fuel pumps

TCPOS communicates with fuel pump systems, granting your customers the possibility of adding the purchase of food or products to the same transaction.


Subscribe your customers and reward them with convenient promotions, coupons, gift cards and loyalty points.

Duty-free management

When reading the passenger code from a paper ticket or smartphone, duty free prices are automatically applied.


TCPOS is the perfect solution for international environments and allows you to change the language without interrupting the workflow.

Car transportation

In the case of rail car transportation, TCPOS allows you to offer passengers booking services online and integrates with access control system.