At the service of the citizen

TCPOS is a suite of software solutions that provides powerful and flexible tools to manage effectively all transactions generated in public administration. TCPOS speeds up the delivery of services to citizens and businesses, controlling any information thanks to a sophisticated analysis and reporting system.


Simple and flexible

TCPOS is the ideal solution for managing multiple aspects of public administration, due to its speed of installation, configuration flexibility and ease of use.

Multi-functional solution

Thanks to integrations with most common operating systems in use, TCPOS is compatible with institutions such as municipal offices, police stations, registry offices, passport and customs offices.

Reliability and versatility

TCPOS manages all transactions derived from tax collection, waste disposal fees, parking charges, fines, and registration documents.

Border management

TCPOS is multi-lingual, multi-currency and compliant with international taxes. Therefore, the system is suitable for customs clearance, motorway stamps and for the collection of taxes and duties, also integrating different exchange rates.


Thanks to its ease of configuration, after a brief training course, operators are able to replace the malfunctioning cash terminals with complete autonomy.