More fun and faster orders with TCPOS Interactive Table

Igeho novelty: self-service and entertainment at the table

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TCPOS, a leading provider in the POS sector for hospitality and retail, presents POS technologies of the future at Igeho 2017 in Basel. The highlight of their appearance will be an interactive restaurant table, with which guests can order their food directly via the integrated touchscreen. Several entertainment functionalities are provided to amuse the customers during their waiting time. 

The surface of the Interactive Table consists of a touchscreen serving as a digital menu and entertainment device for customers. They can select from the menu directly at their table and place orders themselves. All the information they need to compile their menu is always available. Should customers want to pay, or require attention, they can call a waiter via a pager by simply tapping a button on the monitor.

With self-service features, restaurants and quick service canteens offer their customers a modern hospitality experience with high entertainment value.  At the same time, the goal of many restaurant operators to keep personnel costs under control is achieved in the medium and long term: The service effort can be reduced by up to 50 percent because the time consuming ordering process is no longer required. A huge workload is taken off of the service staff, providing servers enough time to properly consult customers and serve food.

Through the digital technology, customers have access to a wide range of applications: They can browse the menu under different categories, select main dishes, side dishes, dressings etc., and assemble their individualized menu. The overview includes pictures and detailed descriptions as well as important information on ingredients and allergens. After the guests select their articles, they send them from their table to the kitchen – by simply tapping a button.

Self-service increases sales and turnover

During the waiting period, customers can use the entertainment options, surf the internet, access social media, and even play games. The solution shortens processes so orders can be completed faster. A few clicks – that is all it takes for the desired menu. Statistically, customers are willing to consume more foods and beverages because they can browse the menu indefinitely while waiting for their orders. In addition, it is possible to make cross-selling suggestions to the guests so they can expand their menu. This positively affects the turnover of the restaurant.

The virtual menu allows the management to change menu selections and offers at any time, and to update all information and graphical content internally. This reduces paper waste, costs and environmental damage.

The restaurant can customize and adapt the user interface to their needs, in order to enhance brand awareness. Another important feature of the application is its multilingual capability, which makes it easier to use for international customers, especially desirable in the catering sector.

The use of modern technology is becoming more and more important for restaurants,” says Christian Mattle, Managing Director of the TCPOS office in the German-speaking region of Switzerland. “The interactive table contributes to the technologically advanced image of restaurants, and is a step towards the hospitality of the future.”

The TCPOS solution can be installed on several different models and brands of interactive table hardware. As an alternative to operating on an interactive table, the solution can also run on tablets, which serve as virtual menus at the table.

TCPOS present their “Interactive Table” from November 18 – 22 at Igeho, Basel, in Hall 1.1, Booth B135.

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