TCPOS Inspire: Business Intelligence made easy.

Inspire is the the business intelligence solution that shows KPI at glance, anytime and anywhere!

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TCPOS provides you with all the tools you need to stay on top of the performance of your business. With Inspire, TCPOS offers a simple yet amazingly powerful Business Intelligence solution that you can consult on your desktop computer, smartphone or tablet at any time of the day. Simple graphical reports show trends and overviews, so that you can monitor your business, whether from the office, home or while travelling.

Whatever the size of your business, Inspire is the easy Business Intelligence tool that will help you recognize the KPIs of your company, by offering multidimensional, in-depth analysis and the ability to view statistics in several formats: pivot tables, charts and dynamic dashboards.

Inspire allows you to see the current status of your operations as well as key trends. Notable insights include:

  • Managing staff levels during slow or busy periods
  • Identifying highest spending customers
  • Pinpointing customers who purchase a limited range of products
  • Tracking top selling items

Inspire will help you make the right choices and assist key decision making to maximize and drive the growth of your business. The application is simple to use, powerful, fast and versatile with a user experience designed for all key members of an organization, irrespective of rank or experience.

The system is constantly updated with the latest transaction data from your point-of-sale and allows for the easy scheduling of automated reports to managers and other users at regular intervals, displaying their KPIs, central stock levels and the status of current promotions.

Inspire has in-built security to ensure that only the right person sees the right data in the right location, whether it be a restaurant manager seeing the data for their restaurant or a retail associate sitting in HQ able to see data across all shops.

Inspire is fast and responsive with an intuitive web interface, producing data-rich reports in a matter of seconds. The tool can be rapidly deployed on the Cloud or in your own datacenter with a low cost of ownership based on typical industry benchmarks.

Inspire is available in two versions: Inspire BASIC and Inspire PREMIUM.

Inspire BASIC is the entry-level version positioned at a very attractive price-point. The application is designed to suit the needs of customers, hosted on the Cloud. It is provided with an array of reports to suit differing tastes with a license that includes unlimited usage.

Inspire PREMIUM is the full-featured version. It includes the ability to create and edit reports, continuous data updates, permission groups and much more. Inspire PREMIUM can be connected to most PMS, ERP, Accounting and other business management systems. PREMIUM is available for both Cloud and on-premise deployment. Furthermore, Inspire PREMIUM is highly flexible and allows for easy customization of additional reports without the need to hire an external consultant.

Inspire is an extension of your enterprise POS system, conveying deep insights in a format that is both easy to read and interpret. Inspire is the ideal companion allowing you to make actionable interventions that drive straight to the bottom line.

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