“Retail 4.0” Digitization at the POS, interview with Dirk Schwindling, TCPOS CEO

Retail is undergoing a profound change, whose driving force is the increase in digitization. The technical basis for that are intelligent, digitally connected/integrated systems. At EuroCIS 2018, TCPOS presented omni-functional cross-industry POS solutions with its partners.

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What does digitization mean for retailers?

We recommend a digital EVOLUTION rather than a revolution, i.e. a gradual, systematic optimization. We see the POS solution as one footprint in the whole digitization process.
We support our customers with a “best-of-breed” approach. In addition to our own solutions, such as the mobile platform POS, we offer highly integrated solutions from our partner network like e-commerce, ERP and self-service.

What changes are to be expected in the digital evolution?

We expect the changes to go into the direction of “Retail 4.0”. Retail 4.0 for us means that the shopping trip in the future will evolve – away from the classic sales of goods, to a new shopping EXPERIENCE.
With our solutions, we give retailers the opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors. This happens through a jointly developed digitization strategy. The aim of this strategy is to increase the attractiveness to the end customer, to set own trends, and to thus optimize the customer experience.

Which systems and solutions are you offering in this context?
TCPOS is characterized by our cross-industry “omni-functionality”. With our iCore POS, we cover all requirements important to our customers. In addition to the stationary cash register in retail, which can be equipped with customized front-ends, TCPOS offers easy to administer self-service solutions such as self-checkout and self-scanning to e-commerce. Thus, TCPOS fulfills the increasingly important gastronomic requirements of retailers.

How do the self-checkout terminal and the self-order kiosk support these requirements?

We offer the retailer the opportunity to redefine the customer experience based on standard POS technology. Through a customizable workflow with a variety of design options ranging from article selection to payment, our self-service stations provide the customer with maximum comfort and service.

How will TCPOS face these digital challenges of the future?

As a member of the Zucchetti group, we think it is our main task to design the digital evolution together with our customers.
Our experience of collaborating with 100.000 customers within the group enables us to continuously develop and integrate our products and thus provide our customers with a 360o solution approach.

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