TCPOS: Quality certification, for customer safety

TCPOS, one of the worldwide leading providers of POS solutions, always places the customer first, and it is our intention to contribute to the customer's success with POS solutions that ensure the highest safety and professional standards in the management of sales data.

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Our commitment and efforts to adapt to the various directives has recently been awarded the NF 525 certification, a French certificate that assures the quality and safety of the collection and processing systems for sales data. This has also led us to obtain the European ISO IEC 25051 certification which attests to the quality of our “ready to use” computer products.

After a group effort that involved many colleagues from different departments, TCPOS has passed all the requirements that ensure all information included in the customer document is correctly recorded into the database. This information is recorded in a tax document, that in the case someone intervenes manually, recognizes fraud and irregularities. Any removal or tampering can be identified in a timely manner through the control utilities provided by our team. All sales transactions and daily tax totals are recorded in an XML file that can be exported and forwarded to the French tax authorities for verifications and analysis.

Furthermore, from today forward, the receipts issued by our customers will include a digital signature and TCPOS manufacturer identification code (B0044).

Infocert, the company that has awarded us the certification, guarantees the quality of our software to the French tax authority. In the event of any dispute, it will act as a TCPOS guarantor, certifying our quality and compliance with the required security standards.

All this represents an additional important step forward for our company and our software, which in turn confirms our professionalism. It is an award that rewards the hard work of our staff, a number of whom have been employed full-time in the process of preparing the project material.

From the request to delivery of a solution, everything was documented according to procedures that certify the requirements and standards are met. To ensure this compliance, we created an internal team involving members from different TCPOS departments to review, update and correct a large amount of documents. This process will also be kept in place in the future, to ensure compliance and tools that the entire staff should employ to guarantee a professional service for the customer, and in order to be prepared for the next verifications.

This certification is the result of major work undertaken concerning the procedures, security and compliance of data,” says Giacomo Knechtli, CEO of TCPOS SA. “The work involved several departments within our company, such as the analysis of procedures and security measures, the implementation of specific software modules integrated into the kernel of our product, the execution of related tests, and last but certainly not least, the important documentation work“.

I feel confident in saying that we have taken a fundamental step towards one of the most important upgrades in the history of our software. I would like to express my sincerest thanks to all our staff for their great commitment that this certification has entailed“.

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