Retail and Hospitality, the best of both worlds.

Pasta, wine and pizza: Eataly stands for Italian eating culture and lifestyle. In November 2015, the new concept, which embraces the Italian attitude to life, took up residence in the Schrannenhalle in Munich. The two worlds – food and shopping – should also be seamlessly integrated in the market in terms of the POS systems. This was clearly a case for the specialists at TCPOS, as its POS solution can cope with both things: restaurant and retail. find out more >

The Customer

Eataly is one of the largest marketers of Italian consumer goods worldwide. The company currently operates 27 locations in the USA, Brazil, Dubai, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Italy and, since autumn 2015, also in Germany. Here, the joint venture between Eataly Italia and Signa Retail founded in October 2015, opened up an Eataly market with an area of 4,600 square meters on 25th November 2015 in the Schrannenhalle in Munich, directly on the Viktualienmarkt (food market).

The Challenge

One particular challenging aspect of the project was the numerous specific requirements stipulated by Eataly: the concept closely interlinks the two business segments – retail and gastronomy – to form a unit, also in terms of the company divisions such as marketing and purchasing. All the divisions must therefore communicate with each other on a deep data and article level because the goods and products are not just used in gastronomy and retail, but also wander from one division into another.

It is very important to us that we can manage all recipes internally within the system. We have a huge database containing all recipes, and are now in a position to set up a product catalogue for use in all branches”, says Micol Viano, CEO of Eataly DE Distribution GmbH.

The Solution

This is made possible through the use of the TCPOS “Stock Control” module, which manages around 160,000 sales articles. This in-house development by TCPOS possesses the functional scope of a slimline goods management system and is used for article inventory and warehouse management.The module provides the entire warehouse management and the respective inventories, lists all suppliers and triggers orders. Because the inventory, incoming goods and recipe solutions also take place via Stock Control, an additional goods management solution is no longer required. The entire article control is conducted via the TCPOS management software.

The Results

Eataly is well equipped for the future with TCPOS: “The real win for our strategy is the scalability  of the projects”, says Micol Viano, "And everything is multilingual, and complies with the respective tax regulations, so that it can be used by the central team in English and by all the others in their respective languages”. The collaboration of the international team thus has a firm footing for the future too; “We work extremely well with TCPOS in a respectful and direct relationship – because if you can solve any problems personally, that makes things so much simpler”.