DENNER AG needed a flexible solution that could support its dynamic promotional system and, after the first successful installations, TCPOS is implemented in all stores with special business-specific developments such as the Navision interface, age verification for alcohol sales, return merchandise process management and improved sale list layout.

The Customer

Denner is the leading discount store chain in Switzerland and the country’s third largest supermarket with 11.4% market share. The Denner assortment includes a careful choice of articles for daily use of which 75% are branded articles, whilst the rest consists of own products under the brand umbrella Denner. The company offers special weekly supplement to the assortment.

The Challenge

“Denner needed a very flexible system, which would add several features to our normal till system and that could allow us to set and launch different promotional actions for our customers in all the branches belonging to our organization across Switzerland” – says Reto Gautschin Sales Manager at Denner Lugano - We found in TCPOS a serious and reliable partner, which developed together with us a professional and customized till system that satisfies our company requests and customers’ daily needs by starting new actions day by day”.

The Solution

TCPOS was installed with all its most renowned features, including the powerful Promotional Engine, a powerful solution designed for shops and supermarkets aiming to establish a direct connection with their customers, increasing customer loyalty by mean of new promotional offers and discounts. Furthermore TCPOS staff developed new customizations like a fully-functional Navision interface, an age verification system for preventing alcohol sales to minors, a precise return merchandise process management and improved sale list layout.

The Results

“At first glance, operators were really concerned about the novelty" - says Angelo Muoio, store manager of Denner Locarno - "but as soon as their hands-on training was complete they appreciated how much simpler and quicker the new solution was compared to the old one. When we deployed the same system on more branches, I personally carried out the training” – continues Muoio - “And also in these occasions, the first doubts were immediately lifted as soon our staff started working directly on the tills”.