Zucchetti Spain launches its revolutionary POS software for the HORECA sector

The new reality we are living requires companies to implement new digital solutions to meet the new market needs.

The software manufacturer introduces in our country the avant-garde POS solution of the Zucchetti Group

Zucchetti Spain launches its revolutionary POS software for the HORECA sector

- The Zucchetti Group's POS solution has already been implemented 65,000 times worldwide 

- In the current situation of uncertainty, hotel and restaurant companies require digitalization solutions that provide them with a 360º vision of their business

- The software manufacturer applies a 30% discount on all POS software projects contracted before the end of the year

Bilbao, October 20, 2020 - The new reality we are living as a result of the Covid-19 requires companies to implement new digital solutions to meet the new market needs. The hotel and restaurant industry and the retail trade are some of the sectors most affected by this change in consumer trends, which now see their customers using multiple channels to interact and process their orders.

This makes the digital transformation an imperative for these sectors. Because only by moving towards a management model with a 360º vision of the business, which takes into account customer preferences, and allows payments to be managed through multiple devices quickly and efficiently, will they succeed in building customer loyalty and surviving in an increasingly competitive market.

In this new scenario, point of sale terminals and traditional cash registers no longer have a place. Sales channels have multiplied and new forms of mediation with the client have emerged, such as self-service, delivery chains or the Click & Collect service, which are now an unavoidable reality and require integrated, automated POS software solutions that respond to this omnicanality that has come to stay.

Zucchetti Spain makes the innovative POS software solution of the Zucchetti Group available to Spanish companies

The Zucchetti Group has a long history in the development and implementation of POS software solutions in hotel, restaurant and retail companies around the world. It has the widest portfolio of POS software solutions in the market, created specifically to respond to the ever changing needs of the HORECA sector.

Its TCPOS POS software solution, which is now available in our country through Zucchetti Spain, represents a true all-round revolution. Its strong point is the decentralization of activities that speeds up the processes in multiple establishments, both physical and online, also from mobile devices.

It is a 4.0 strategic tool that allows flexibility in the management of the business to improve the customer's experience and thus increase their loyalty. In this sense, the Zucchetti Group is clear that the future of the sector depends on loyalty and therefore its solution contains powerful BI and loyalty tools with which to analyze customer preferences and provide better service.

In addition, this POS software can be easily integrated with the main delivery chains, something that the market demands more and more and that helps to finish the purchase in a faster and more intuitive way.

TCPOS has an important recognition in the international market, with more than 10.000 clients and 65.000 implementations of POS software made all over the world. In our country, Zucchetti Spain guarantees a close and personalized service in each implementation through its team of 220 highly qualified professionals.

A launch promotion: POS software to help the HORECA sector to face the Covid-19

With the aim of making known its cutting-edge POS software solution to the HORECA sector, one of the most affected by the crisis of the Covid-19, and to facilitate companies to continue their business in this new normality, Zucchetti Spain offers a 30% discount on all those POS projects that are contracted before the end of the year. This is an opportunity for those companies that need to adapt their procedures to the new needs of their customers.

In addition, true to its project of disseminating current IT content, the software manufacturer has launched a Didactic Guide to POS Software for the hotel and restaurant industry, in which it analyzes the keys to carrying out 4.0 management of the business, chain of establishments, franchises, etc. The POS Software Guide is now available free of charge to any company that requests it. In it, the businesses of the HORECA sector will find answers to the doubts that they have in this new normality.

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