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TCPOS is one of the worldwide leading providers in the POS technology sector for the hospitality and retail industries.

More than 10.000 customers worldwide rely on our customized IT solutions. We support them in their business management needs by providing extensible, adaptable and future-proof POS solutions.

TCPOS company is based in Lugano (Switzerland) and employs around 250 employees in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Bulgaria, China, Taiwan, USA, Canada, UAE, Argentina and Mexico.

Since 2013, TCPOS is part of Zucchetti Group.


With more than 3.350 employees, a nationwide distribution network exceeding 900 Partners in Italy and 200 in over 50 countries in the world, and more than 135.000 customers, Zucchetti Group is one of the most important Italian companies in the IT sector in Europe.

Zucchetti offers a range of products that is unmatched in Italy and Europe, allowing customers to gain major competitive advantages and to rely on a single partner for all their IT needs.

Zucchetti designs Software and Hardware solutions and innovative services designed and developed to meet the specific needs of small, medium and large sized companies.



At TCPOS, we strive to evolve as a unified modern global company, always future-oriented, while keeping the adaptability and extensibility of our solutions, to improve the business of all our clients.


Today, TCPOS is a part of the exciting global software technology evolution, continuously faced with new challenges that come from the increasingly complex point of sale(POS) industry and competitive business environments of our partners and customers.

The mission of our company is to continue to grow as a leading global provider of POS solutions in hospitality, retail and other industries by providing the software technology including its development, implementation, and maintenance to improve long-term and sustainable business for our partners and customers.

TCPOS software philosophy driven by flexibility and extensibility to allow our clients to optimize their point of sale(POS) process and provide extended functionalities customized to the specific industry and business requirements for each customer.

TCPOS product competitiveness comes from its unique aspects like software architecture that enable us to adapt to market changes. This reflects in the wide range of innovations that are available within our solution.




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TCPOS software solution was born when our CEO Giacomo Knechtli and CTO Michele Clinco started a collaboration with IBM while working in a Swiss IT group. IBM was looking for a reliable partner in the Swiss market, who could provide expertise in the POS sector for the hospitality market.


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After one year, a standard POS solution was deployed by IBM, and it was clear that a new generation POS product was needed. A POS solution that was robust, flexible and that allowed for multi-language capabilities. This was mandatory and essential for the Swiss market. It was the first version of TCPOS, a new generation of POS software solution that offers both online and offline modes, and can be easily customized according to the client’s needs.


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We launched the first POS with a touch-screen, defying much of the skepticism that existed in the POS market with regards to the reliability of the technology. This was a breakthrough implementation that marked a turning point for TCPOS, leading to a strong position in the Swiss market. It was a perfect example of the visionary approach for TCPOS development.


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Our system is now installed at locations in Italy and Germany, yet still managed from Switzerland. TCPOS is becoming an international solution in the hospitality and retail markets.


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In January, to support the growth in Germany, TCPOS GmbH was founded, followed by the acquisition of Gastrofix AG.


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The growing demand for improved customer service and finding new challenges led us to create a new company, focusing only on the POS sector, to comply with the needs of the reference markets. In September 2004,TCPOS SA was officially incorporated, with a staff of 25 people from the original team joining the new company. The initial organization included offices in Switzerland, Germany and Italy. TCPOS was an implementation that did not require a server in the local store, it deployed the server in the clouds where the POS was centrally managed.


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The POS market was exploding, and our customer demands were growing. In response to the growth of the market, TCPOS began to grow its business through a network of channel partners to further expand our market reach geographically and through partners with specific solution and services expertise in the hospitality and retail industries.


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TCPOS concludes two important acquisitions, acquiring the POS field of Selecta Switzerland and in Germany, the Wincor Nixdorf business unit dedicated to hospitality, including their customers.


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Several new business opportunities lead to the founding of TCPOS FRANCE. This direct investment results in capturing large clients with international operations.


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The multi-country concept is added to the TCPOS solution portfolio, enabling international organizations to benefit to from multi-currency and multi-brand capabilities for easy operation to support complex corporate structures and processes. The multiple country concept helps companies with locations in various countries to meet very specific geographic needs such as currency, VAT, tax rates, and time zone management.


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The TCPOS team designs DroidPOS, a solution that enables the use of TCPOS on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, with all the standard features of the standard POS system. This enabled businesses to deploy “mobile POS” in their store locations


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TCPOS expands its borders, reaching other continents. New markets, challenges and clients led to the formation of the TCPOS International Group, a dedicated team to develop global commercial relationships and help existing customers use our applications in their new locations. The first set of TCPOS applications is now available online, a step toward a new era of innovation.


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TCPOS International launches TCPOS U.S.A., a new branch that aims to expand our presence in North America. Furthermore, we are proud to announce the opening of TCPOS Asia and its new branch office in China, located in the new Shanghai’s high tech district. Strategic partnerships with some of the most innovative, technological companies such as WeChat, Alipay and Macsand are leading TCPOS’ local partner strategy. Furthermore, TCPOS launched a product called Tian Cai Bao “添财宝”, especially designed to cover the needs and requirements of Chinese customers. TCPOS International opened its new office in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as a launching step for the Latin America region; with the aim of starting the localization of the solution for the entire market. Furthermore, we now have a local presence in Mexico to support customers looking for an established company.

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Board of directors

Giacomo Knechtli, President & Chairman

Giacomo Knechtli is a co-founders of TCPOS SA. With an expertise in the POS business of over 25 years, he is both the President and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Giacomo holds an Engineering degree with a specialization Company Organization and a Swiss Federal Certification for Business Data Processing.

Michele Clinco, Member

Michele Clinco is a co-founder of TCPOS and the CTO. Michele has been the main designer and architect of all TCPOS solutions since the foundation of the company in 1992. During his career, he developed an expertise in IT related to both software and hardware, with a special focus on programming, interfaces, reverse engineering, networking and electronic design.

Massimo Nespoli, Member

Massimo Nespoli joined TCPOS in 2004 and became a member of the Board in 2012. He is the CFO of TCPOS with a 30 year experience of various management positions in large-sized IT software and service companies. Massimo holds a Master Degree in IT Engineering from the Polytechnic of Milan University.

Pamela Niggli, Member

Pamela Niggli joined TCPOS in 2013 and became a member of the Board in 2015. In her position as Chief Operating Officer, Pamela drives the global commercial and technical growth of TCPOS. Pamela’s experience includes both project management and marketing in several international companies. Her education includes a Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Science in Business Administration.

Victor Rouiller, Member

Victor Rouiller is one of the co-founders of TCPOS SA and is the French Swiss area Regional Manager. With over 15 year expertise in the POS business in large-sized IT software and service companies, covering different management positions. Victor holds an IT Technical degree and a Swiss Federal Certification.

Dirk Schwindling, Member

Dirk Schwindling is shareholder and the CEO of TCPOS GmbH. In his current role, responsible for the German and Austrian market expansion.  Senior executive with 20 years of experience in POS, cashless and mobile payment, and enterprise software applications generally in Retail, Hospitality, Catering, Entertainment industries in multi-country. Joined TCPOS in 2001. Energetic and decisive leader, working closely with strategic Partners and key Accounts.


Enrico Itri, Member

Enrico Itri joined TCPOS as member of the Board in 2016. He is founder and CEO of the software company Microarea, which has been developing the ERP Mago and the programming tool Taskbuilder since 1984. In 2011 Microarea joined the Zucchetti Group, and Enrico became a director for Zucchetti. Enrico’s career is strongly devoted to developing international market opportunities, and he is currently leading the Zucchetti Worldwide Business Unit. Enrico has a Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering, with a specialization in Computer Science.



Yuan Amanda Chen, Asia

Amanda Chen joined TCPOS in 2014 and became a member of TCPOS Asia team in 2015. In her position, Amanda develops new market opportunities in Asia, focusing on China market. Amanda Chen's experience in several Middle East countries for Oil investment under private account. Her education includes a Bachelor of English Literature and Master of Science in Business Administration.

Angelo Guaragni, Italy

Angelo Guaragni operates in Zucchetti group for 30 years now, focusing on ERP solutions and management of executive clients for large projects. He has extensive experience in manufacturing and distribution of hardware solutions for the HR market. In 2013, he became the managing director of Zucchetti TCPOS, which operates in the Italian market also with TCPOS solutions. Angelo holds a diploma in Industrial Engineering and certification for software programmer from the Catholic University.

Christian Mattle, Switzerland

Christian Mattle has been working in the hospitality IT for over 25 years. During his career he held various management positions in smaller IT companies through to a major international corporation. His comprehensive and profound experience comes from countless consultancy mandates and projects in both the national and international hospitality environments.

Diego Rebecca, Latin America

Diego Rebecca has been working in the IT market for the last 20 years, developing the POS market in Latin America for the last 10 years. He joined TCPOS in 2014, based out of Buenos Aires, Argentina, to help TCPOS expand in the region. Diego is an Information Systems Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

David Thomas, North America

David Thomas received a Bachelor degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. He started his career as a software operations and development manager for a leading POS Software company. For over 25 years he has developed, implemented and supported POS software solutions to some of North America’s largest retailers. David Joined TCPOS in 2015 as General Manager for TCPOS North American operations.

Jean-Luc Vargas, France

Jean - Luc Vargas was one of the founders of TCPOS France in 2009. He has 25 years of experience in the management of cash and stock systems, working with the biggest companies in the industry. Today, TCPOS France has deployed TCPSO POS solutions in some of France’s largest retail chains. He graduated with a BTS at the hotel school, and a specialization in business management and project supervision.


Certification ” NF 525″ & “ISO IEC 25051”


Membership “NetComm Suisse ecommerce association”


Membership “Retail Solutions Providers Association”


Allied Membership “National Restaurant Association”


Membership “Toshiba Together Commerce Alliance Software Partner Plus”


Certification “Microsoft gold partner”


Gold certification “GoBD-Zertifizierung Audicon”


Membership “BDV”


Board of directors membership “Common Smart Card”


Award “EMEA Key Customer Win” PAR Windsor Partner Roadshow


Corporate social responsibility


TCPOS is profoundly aware of the inestimable value of the environment. Therefore, we are committed to conducting all aspects of the business in order to respect and protect it. We set policies to ensure the achievement of our sustainability goals, including standards of quality and safety. We protect natural resources by implementing internal governance policies in every aspect of our operations. This approach reduces the environmental impact directly related to our activities and products


We believe that company’s employees determine its success, which is why we select our human resources, with care and diligence, based on merit, ability and potential. We hire new graduates and invest in their development, to make them grow within the company. We aim to enhance our employees and upgrade their skills through training and continuous study to keep pace with new changes in the employment market.


Trust, flexibility, accountability and innovation are the key words for the introduction of the Smart Working that well aligns TCPOS with the changing work environment. Indeed, whenever possible, we use resources in a more flexible and interactive way, to increase productivity, reduce cost, and stimulate team engagement. All this positively contributes to the environment and creates a greater sense of company identity, which in most cases, thanks to work measured by objectives, transforms into a greater employee productivity.


TCPOS collaborated with the University of Milan Bicocca on a project involving 40 students divided into eight groups. In this project, students developed some of the topics proposed by the company, placing them in the role of consultants to propose ways to improve certain company subjects. TCPOS rewarded the most creative projects with a day of "open doors" in the headquarters and offered participation in a business evaluation that led to collaboration with some students in six months paid internships. Thanks to the advice given by Bicocca, it was possible to draw important ideas for the realization of the new website of TCPOS. As part of our commitment to student engagement with the company TCPOS, our collaborations are numerous and include, among others, the University SUPSI and the HTW in Chur.

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